7 Signs That You DO NOT Need to Make a Payday Loan

Still in doubt whether you should or should, you really do not need to make a paycheck loan? So, we help you. That’s right. You did not read wrong!

Now look at the 7 signs that you DO NOT need to make a personal loan.

Signal 1: You managed to renegotiate the debt

Generally, most people applying for a loan need money to pay off debts. But, contrary to what many people think, sometimes it is not necessary to make a personal loan.

This can occur, for example, when debt is renegotiated. That is, the lender provides other conditions for discharge.

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When there is only part of the debt open, it is possible to make an agreement where, the debt is taken together with the current installment, installment or monthly payment.

This way, the money that would be paid for a loan, can be used to pay off the debt owed.

signs that you do not need to make a paycheck 

Sign 2: you do not have a clear reason to use the money

Believe: when there is no clear purpose for using the money, a loan may not be the best solution.

Extra money can be a problem if it is not used strategically. In addition, both the credit limit and your budget can be hampered.

Making a payday loan requires planning. Knowing how much to ask, what is the value of the available assignable margin, to simulate the value of the installment and deadlines. None of this can be forgotten.

Signal 3: You do not have an emergency

It seems odd but if there is not a financial emergency the payroll loan may also not be necessary.

But, then, does it mean that the payroll loan should only be hired when there is an urgency?

No. This just exemplifies that a common case in which people turn to a loan, but it is not the only reason.

Having access to money is always good, but better still is having it available when it really is a priority. If you do not have the urgency for the money, leave it alone for when you need it.

Sign 4: You postponed plans

Was the trip rebooked for another date? Will the course out of the country only be held next year? Will not the house remodel begin this month? Then also extend the application for your payday loan .

Today with the ease of being able to hire payday loan online , the money is released into the account much faster. That is, there is no reason to worry about the deadlines for credit release.

Another benefit is that the terms and interest rates of payroll will always be cheaper than other forms of credit. So, hiring now or when you decide, will bring savings in the same way.

Sign 5: You had an unforeseen financial

 Sign 5: You had an unforeseen financial

Who ever forgot to pay an account? It is the ticket that did not arrive or that passed the term, when the amount that should be received did not fall into the account … several reasons can lead to an unforeseen financial.

In fact, these situations can be considered as a “financial disengagement”. This occurs when the amount spent is greater than that available, for example.

However, it is not always best to seek a loan in the face of this scenario. A simple adjustment in the budget can already solve.

Save on purchases of the month, avoid impulse purchases, spend less on credit cards. All this can contribute to having the necessary value.

If the bills tightened, do not despair. You do not need to make a Payroll Loan, every time it happens!

Sign 6: You made money differently

No need to make a personal loan is the best of all worlds! Not having a new debt to pay and still being able to use that money for another goal seems perfect, does not it?

Depending on the case, it is possible to get money from people close to you, redeem from investments, trigger the financial reserve.

Before you make a loan, assess whether you can not have the amount otherwise . Calculate how much you need and, if possible, look for alternatives or plan to get it.

Sign 7: you can count on the 13th salary or gratuities

Both Retirees and Pensioners INSS and Public Servants and Workers CLT count on the 13th salary guaranteed by law . What will change, of course, is the value received.

Another possibility is the financial gratuities, valid only for the last two groups and subject to various conditions pre-established by the paying agency or company.

But one thing is certain: if you can expect to have that money, the better. Although it is an additional and variable resource, it is an excellent alternative.

So if your plan can expect that “income” or additional feature, you certainly do not need to make a paycheck loan. Except, of course, if the value is not enough.

But still, it is worth rethinking the need to make the loan. Use credit consciously.

What is Credit Conscious?

Conscious Credit can be understood as the planned and strategic use of available credit, with the purpose of reducing or avoiding indebtedness.
Care is in contracting this debt, when it is really needed. Other tips are to evaluate the credit modalities. Search and compare options can help you save money.
When searching for a credit check also the terms of payment and implications in case of default. When making the loan, include the installment in your budget. This will make it easier to see the amount to be paid.

If well used, a loan can contribute to achieve a certain goal, for example. When in doubt, take the test and find out which signs may indicate that you do not need to make a loan.